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Born in Columbus, OH. One of six children. I’m a new Dad, and created this site for my son, Atlas.
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Dear Atlas,

It’s me, your Dad.

Time feels like it’s racing by as your Mom and I prepare for your arrival. We both have a long list of things we need to accomplish before you arrive.

We’re excited for you, Atlas. I’m excited for you.

I feel a lot of things changing in my life, and in my mind. I no longer feel “me-centric,” focused on myself. Now, I think about the well-being of your Mom and you.

I wish more kids knew they were loved, appreciated, and wanted before they arrived, Atlas. I’ve met a lot of people who feel like they don’t have a seat at the table in life.

I’ve wondered if its due to them not knowing they were wanted.

You are wanted, Atlas. And you have been since before you were born.

I love you,


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