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Born in Columbus, OH. One of six children. I’m a new Dad, and created this site for my son, Atlas.
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Dear Atlas,

It’s me, your Dad.

Today’s Countdown Day for your arrival. Four . . . three . . . two . . . one . . . you’ll be here soon.

Yesterday, your Mom and I met with two of the women who will help bring you into this world: her midwife and her doula.

Giving birth with the help of a midwife is a tradition that not many people follow these days, Atlas. It’s considered unconventional because the birth occurs at home rather than at a hospital.

Some people choose to face the experience of giving birth, while others choose to view it as a traumatic experience that needs heavy anesthesia—which can harm the child.

When your Mom shared that she wanted to give birth with a midwife, my heart swelled. I knew the type of preparation—and person—it would take to have a natural home birth.

We’ve both been preparing for you, Atlas, each in our own way. We don’t always get it right—nor do I expect we ever will—but we are very, very excited for your arrival.



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